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(KICKFLIP TIP: Skateboarding)  Keep your lead foot just under the front bolts and when you pop up, kick-drag it up and off the corner of the nose to set the flick in motion.

Sock colors inspired by Orange Crush, the most kickass orange soda on the planet, and Valyrian Steel, the legendary Game of Thrones metal imbued with magic and Dragonfire.  If the joining of these two vanquishers doesn't put some mad spring in your kicks and have you landing bolts we don't know what will.    

  • Woven with a high-needle gauge for strength and durability
  • Made with mercerized cotton for comfort and colorfastness 
  • A hand-linked toe prevents rubbing and blisters 
  • Tremendous stretch qualities
  • High-quality woven patch representing "Our Commitment" to charity