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(TAILWHIP TIP: BMX) When you're airborne and kick (push) the frame with your back foot to start the motion, move the handlebars in a tight circular motion to whip the frame around. Most of the whip action comes from the wrists. When the frame swings back beneath you, try to catch the pedal with your front foot. If you can connect and push it down, it will make it easier to find the other pedal with your back foot.

Sock colors inspired by the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chili pepper in the world with it's red gnarled body and small pointed tail, a harbinger of heat if there ever was one, and Monarch the legendary California grizzly bear after whom the California state flag was modeled.     

  • Woven with a high-needle gauge for strength and durability
  • Made with mercerized cotton for comfort and colorfastness 
  • A hand-linked toe prevents rubbing and blisters 
  • Tremendous stretch qualities
  • High-quality woven patch representing "Our Commitment" to charity