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(INDY GRAB TIP: Skateboarding, Snowboarding) When you reach down with your back hand to grab the toe edge, use your front arm as a counterbalance by extending it out over the heel edge of the board.

Sock colors inspired by the Pink Lotus, that most sacred of the lotus flowers associated with the highest form of spiritual enlightenment (think Nirvana), and Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movies who unloads this great line during an outtake about his favorite "psychologist" Stacy Peralta (the legendary skateboarder, surfer, and director of Dogtown and Z-Boys): "That guy does stuff that blows my mind."  Well done sir.            

  • Woven with a high-needle gauge for strength and durability
  • Made with mercerized cotton for comfort and colorfastness 
  • A hand-linked toe prevents rubbing and blisters 
  • Tremendous stretch qualities
  • High-quality woven patch representing "Our Commitment" to charity